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BioPoem formula


Grammar Gorillas


Definitions of Literary Terms

Persuasive Writing

Skimming and Scanning

BBC Skillswise - Skimming

BBC Skillswise - Scanning

CBBC Newsround - Skimming for Meaning

CBBC Newsround - Scanning for Facts

Skimming Exercises

flickr- Story starter photographs.

Magic Pen Story Starters- Use these first paragraphs as hooks andmotivation for narrative writing.
Write a Story......with story starters of wacky tales. Links to
‍many other great websites.
Captain Underpants

Spelling Bee- The Musical

Myths and Legends

BBC Spelling Revisewise

Cross Words, Hangman, Word Search


Bones Hangman

A Game a Day

BBC Skillswise
**Cool Colons and Super Semi-Colons**
Colons and Semi-Colons are the perfect punctuation team.
They can help students achieve higher levels in their writing. Find out how to use them correctly with this animated guide.

Childrens Storybooks Onlline

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Tauranga Moana Reading Council links for 8-10 year olds

Tauranga Moana Reading Council Links for 10-13 year olds

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Double Dice

Millionaire Maths

BBC Revisewise

BBC Numeracy


Maths Games

Data Handling Mode, Median and Mean

Shape and Space

Symmetry Information Site

Create Symmetrical Shape patterns

Create Symmetrical Block patterns


Practice your timestable online

Decimal and Whole Number Jeopardy

NZ Maths - Bright Sparks Games

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Measurement - Online conversions

Algebra- Order of operations

Algebra Flashcards - equations

Algebra - People patterns

Virtual Dice

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Ambleside Website

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‍Addition/ Subtraction
BBC Mental Addition and Subtraction Games

Basic Facts Maths Quiz

Countersquare - Subtraction Game

Arithmagons (Addition)

Arithmagons (Difference)

Eggs on Legs (Addition)

Eggs on Legs (Subtraction)

‍Times Tables
Hit the Button

Multiplication Puzzle

Maths Magician

Multiplication Tunnel

Back to Front Tables

Tables at Speed

Disappearing Tables

Times Table Blaster

Problem Solving with Multiplication

Place Value Darts

Bonk the Moles

Sum Sense Multiplication

Jungle Jim - Fish

Jungle Jim - Drums

Jungle Jim - Monkeys

Fairy Fun

Knights of Math

Car Wash

Meteor Multiplication

Mystery Picture (Multiplication)

Decimal and Whole Number Jeopardy

Decimals - Place Value Quiz

Ordering decimals - Quiz

Decimal division and multiplication

Ordering decimals

Rags to Riches - Pick the correct answer

Relate decimals and percent

Match equivalent fractions and decimals

Mathfrog Decimaina - addition and subtraction

Mathfrog - Ordering decimals

Decimals in Space - Asteroid game

Funbrain - Power Football

Super Sid's Decimal Challenge

Fractions Games

Visual Fractions

Who Wants Pizza?

Homeschool Math - Fraction WebsitesShape Fractions

Dynamic Fractions

Fraction Snap

Matching Cake FractionsGreedy Birds - Comparing Non-Unit Fractions

Hit the Apple

Shoot the Hoop

Reach the TargetFraction Pieces

BBC Fractions Quiz

BBC Bitesize Recvision Fractions Activity

Finding Fraction Parts - Quiz (BBC)

Fraction Freeze

The Fraction Machine

‍Area and PerimeterFunbrain - Shape surveyor - Game

Measuring Angles

Ambleside CE - Angles

Banana Hunt - Finding angles

BBC - Angles game

BBC - Angle revision bite

BBC - Angle quiz

Angles - Snap game

Maths KS3 - Shape and Space - Angles revision

Angle and angle terms

What's my angle?

What type of triangle is it? - Game
BBC- Shape sorter gameBBC - Shape revision biteBBC - Shape quiz

Types of triangles

Klikko Math - 2D shapes

AAA Maths - Geometry Lessons

Interactive Circle Crossword

AAA Maths - Area of a Circle

AAA Maths - Circumference of a circle - Circumference of a circle

Mr Glosser's Maths Goodies - Circumference of a circle

BrainPop - Pi

BrainPop - Measuring circles

BrainPop - Volume of cylinders

BBC Bitesize - Maths - Circles

BBC Revision Bite - Circles

BBC Test Bite - Circle Vocabulary
Naming fractions
‍Naming Pies
‍Fair or not fair
‍Putting a fraction of a topping on a pizza
‍Naming rectangles
‍Building fractions\
‍Fractions Bingo
Which fraction is bigger?
‍Which pizza is larger?
‍Dolphins Game
‍Bigger than half
‍Slotting fractions from smallest to biggest
‍Soccer ball comparison shoot out (select level 2)
‍Timed practise comparing fractions
‍Drag 5 fractions into order

Finding Fractions of sets
‍Adding toppings to pizzas
‍Painting fractions of a flag
‍Ice Ice Baby
mproper Fractions Choose Fractions of Numbers
‍Level 3 Select Fractions
‍Improper Fractions Bingo
Equivalent fractions
‍Match the pairs of Eq Fractions
‍Matching EQ F against the clock
‍Shoot Target
‍Fraction Monkeys
‍Pizza Toppings
‍EQ F Bars
‍EQ F Pies
‍Choose the not equivalent fraction
‍Win points to do the task
Simplifying Fractions
‍Builder Ted
‍Place Value Strategy
‍Decimal Darts
‍Rope Tug
‍Decimal Space Invaders
‍Decimals /flash2.shtml
Using Search Engines
Harmony Sketch
Build your Wildself
Insect and Spider Resources
Famous New Zealanders
Poptropica - Poptropica® is a virtual world in which kids explore and play in complete safety.

A Balanced diet-
During this activity you will be presented with a series of food.
You will choose whether each one is a balanced or an unbalanced meal.

Alien Invasion
Its the year 2042 and planet earth has been invaded by a powerful alien force.
You are a passenger on a cruise ship, and along with some other passengers
vote not to return home. The captain of the ship takes you to uninhabited island. What do you do next? What decisions need to be made? How will you survive?

In this activity you will be asked to describe the process of breathing by diagrams showing the stages of respiration.